Learning New Tricks–Brushes


With most of my assignments done for CT’s I am now waiting to post about new releases. With most of them coming in March I now have time for learning new tricks. Jessica Sprague’s Photo Shop Friday is great for learning new techniques with limited time to spare. Besides getting a video you also get a few goodies.

With this page I learned how to use the brush palette. I love it! I have been admiring great journaling pages but lacked this little piece of knowledge to add those creative artsy touches. I have a tutorial on adding shadows coming next week. I am pushing it to the 3rd so that I can upload my CT LO’s before hand.   After the shadow tutorial  I will do a little tutorial on brushes. If any one knows how to have tutorials load into another page but still show up in Google reader please let me know. This is all new to me.

Learning with you!



Tammy said…
Awesome layout, Lorraine!! You really are learning a lot. :)

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