Think Big for 2012

Before I can make goals  I need to assess how I am doing in each of the areas uncovered in my brainstorming.
Questions like; What do I do well in these areas or what do I need to work on.
Then I can ask, what is in the immediate future that needs my attention and support and what long range goals need to be looked at to maximize potential.
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These are the areas of responsibility that I carry.
wife, mother, schoolwork, overseas work
Roles specific to me alone.
wife to Jim, mother to James, daughter, sister, friend. Afterschool Club
What I am good at.
listener, teacher, writer, motivator, homemaker,
What I love
books, photography, blogging, talking, teaching, relating, all things creative, God, family and friends and my dog Lilly
What of the future
financial security for me and my loved ones, a spiritual legacy for my kin, to continue to have an impact in a needy world, to smile at the future!
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In some of these instances you would be better to ask the input of others. You might be surprised by the answers. We often have blind spots.
I asked both husband and son about what I do well and the expected answers came back about my cooking and housekeeping abilities but a couple of unexpected and very appreciated answers came back. Helps me know what is appreciated and needed!
As I take each one of these and examine where I am and where I want to be I can begin to formulate some milestones.  I can be as pragmatic or as creative as I want. I can think big on this level because I will break it down into measurable goals and timelines in the steps following. 


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