Reading – How Am I Doing?

One of my goals for 2012 is to read more books. I love to read, and I read loads, but not books. I am pragmatic in character and I often read only what relates to me or the occasion and go on. Yes, I am the person that has 12 books on the go and will never read them in their entirety. There is something to be said for this if time is against you and you only need certain information or if a book is rubbish and you don’t want to slog through it. However, if you read like this it is more research than enjoyment and lacks a certain satisfaction. I aim to change my habits this year. 

Armed with my Kindle I now have a book on hand at all times so there is no excuse. AND, if you have ever visited my house you will see there is no short supply of good books.

Milestone – To read more books

Goal – 24 books in 2012

I know It’s not 175 books like Tammy over at Lens and Pens but it is a start. I have joined the community at GoodReads  to keep me accountable and to be on the look out for good books. You can log your progress and they will make reading suggestions based on books you have rated.  Now if I can figure out how to get the little digi button on my blog page I will.

How about you any reading goals for this year?

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shanna said…
My goal is to read 300 books this year. I read 208 in the eight months I was counting on Goodreads last year. I have currently read fifteen books this month so Goodreads tells me I'm three books behind so far. But I'll catch up. It's a good goal and as every reading goal says it starts with a single word. Have fun reading.
Jane said…
I'm on that site too, my aim is 50 books this year.
Sandra said…
I'm hoping to read more too this year, although I'm a girlie that lives the feel of books rather than a kindle. Saying that I'm addicted to my iPad, so I really can't say that, can I lol. Good luck with your goal

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