Blogging, How am I doing? Part 1

Continuing on with the theme of planning and goal setting I have made a batch of drafts for each of my categories in my blog writer.  I want it to be a creative process and not a task list so I will work through each of them at random as I feel inspired.  I thought the most obvious place to start would be about blogging.

Why do we blog?  Many reasons, I imagine, and to each their own. One of the reasons I blog is because I am a journaler at heart.  I love to record my journey.


It ticks all the right box’s for me. I get to do the things I am good at like, teach, motivate, write and I get to do it about the things I love like, family, spiritual life, photography, crafts etc.,

I took Shimelle Laine’s online Blogging For Scrapbookers Class and it helped me develop my confidence; at the very least it helped me with the basics. I also took The Beyond Blogging For Scrapbookers class and maybe put 10% into practice. She always invites people back for free so I look forward to doing it again.

Equally it was interesting to see my path through 2011 in print. I won’t bore you with endless hyperlinks because you can follow the links in the post bar if you so desire.

Remember my assessment questions; - What do I do well in these areas or what do I need to work on?

The whole process of blogging has been a thrill in and of itself. It took me so long to jump in but once I plunged into the warm inviting waters I recognized how creatively refreshing it could be. 239 posts and 5877 page views later tells me I am doing swimmingly well.


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