Scrappin’ How Am I Doing

This is the second in my series of Goals for 2012.

The answer my “What do I do well” question is that I take loads of pictures (approx. 8,,000 on my computer) but, sadly, I need to work on doing something with them. I love to Scrapbook but no longer am afforded the time. I take infinitely more pictures than I have time to process so I have got to have a new strategy.

My Milestone for 2012 Scrap my year on and off line!

Goal – Scrap as I go and build an album

project-life-logoI am very tactile so I need to keep some form of album going. However, I don’t work fast, so the old 12x12 ‘build a page’ style has to go on a backburner. At the present I need something quick that will be structured and do most of the basic work for me. I am excited that we are finally getting Project Life in the UK.  This will be the way forward for me. It will be a nice gift from my in-laws for Christmas and well worth the investment.

Goal – Add scrap pages as I journal online.

I love to blog and my family and I enjoy the online picture/journal approach so I would like to enhance that by further developing my digital Up___Running_Wit_4c5d8f4b514b4skills. I bought Photoshop Elements 7 last year and it was so over my head I have decided I need a class or two to make it work  So (As a gift from my lovely brother-in-law) I took advantage of Jessica Sprague’s sale and registered in the beginners digi class. I also bought a 13 week subscription to the Photoshop Friday classes. hopefully this will keep me Scrapping online.  I was careful to purchase 13 weeks and not 52 as, in all honesty, those thirteen classes will probably take all year to finish.

For my managing of these goals I have scheduled the digi classes for school hols. I am still waiting for the news of Project Life and ready to swoop in for the kill! If you are also awaiting news you can sign up for email alerts with Tammy Morales.

What about your Scrap goals for 2012?


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