Blogging. How Am I Doing? Part 2

I looked at what is working well? in Part 1 so now lets take a look at what I need to improve?
  • I would like to work on building community. I have recognized that there is community in Blogland and it is not a matter of how many people visit us but it is about how many people respond and follow with interest.  I am going to work on generating SUPPORTIVE traffic this year.
Aug05 083
How I will do that is for another post but here is:-
my first milestone = generate big friendly traffic
               my goal = 50 members by Christmas 2012
  • I would like to make my Blog a little more pleasing to the eye. Last year I learned how to add a background and alter html code. I would really like to personalize my title and add some photos. I like to visit blogs that are a nice place to be and after all what is photography and craft if not aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
april05 009
my second milestone = make my Blog beautiful in 2011
               my goal = Make a new title and add some panache
  • I would like to develop a regular interest piece.  I would like it to be something interactive that people will come back for. It needs to be sustainable and something no one else is doing.
Aug05 028
my third milestone = provide an attractive service
               my goal = be up and running by summer
This would be a good place to ask what long range goals need to be looked at to maximize potential?
  • I am not really sure what I want to be when I grow up so this is where my milestones can be wild and crazy dreams.
my fourth milestone = blogging to pave the way to financial freedom
    my goals
  1. develop my writing skills by writing some guest posts
  2. develop my photography skills by moving into the camera I am using
  3. develop a marketing strategy by the end of the year based on the need of my readers
Now I have my measurable goals in place next come the baby steps. Baby steps are all the crucial and strategic steps that make it happen. It’s my when, how, where, and with what.
If any of my lovely, supportive, readers would like to give any leads, info, or feedback on any of the items mentioned here it would be welcomed and appreciated.


Kimberlee said…
Great job on getting your goals down and making measurable steps. :) Yay for you! I love your pug calendar. Thanks for stopping by and visiting. I will let you know if I come up with any brilliant ideas and/or need a guest blogger. :D

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