Me in July

Reading ‘Boundaries with Kids’, by Dr. H Cloud and Dr. J Townsend, and making notes for my work.

Sitting – don’t seem to have much time for this at the moment but I am noticing a strange phenomenon in my life.  I am opting for sitting in my bedroom in the evening as opposed to sitting in front of the T.V. for the final hour of the night.   I think I am getting bored with T.V. watching! huh!

Listening to God for direction in my ‘going out and coming in”.

Checking out physical fitness. After gaining 10 menopause pounds I have been thwarted, on every side, to lose weight. So, I am learning about increasing my exercise and boosting my physical fitness in an attempt to go down one size.

Experiencing gel nails and loving them. This is a really girly thing to say but all of my life I have struggled with keeping my nails nice. I am now in a professional capacity that I need to look nice and they just give me that edge!

Looking forward to seeing family and friends this Summer.

Sarah's Wedding 028


scrappysue said…
What a great list Lorraine; I'm with you on the menopause weight. I have managed to avoid exercise for many years now, but looks like Mother Nature has won out! Best of luck!

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