The Big Weigh In


Haven’t had a great weight loss this week = 2lbs. I’ve eaten loads of fruit and veg and exercised more frequently. That’s my way of saying that I wasn’t as faithful with the running as I would like to be and maybe that’s why I only lost 2lb!

I have worn my pedometer most days just to see what my regular daily activity was like and I was surprised to see that I cover 6-7 miles on a daily basis. Why aren’t I as skinny as a rake?  I think I am going to take the time to learn about BMI this week as it might answer some questions for me. 

I am awaiting some news on some local Zumba classes as I have heard they are great for a good work out and I came across a second hand copy of Scrappy Sue’s read, ‘Yoga Burns, drop a dress size in 7 weeks’. I am willing to try anything. More next week on ‘10lbs or Bust’


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