Counting The Cost

Furlough011 001

Haven’t written in a while due to travel. We left Fri 22nd in a mad whirlwind and haven’t stopped since. Said goodbye for the summer to my pup Lilly (sob) and sold Snakey to two eager teenagers. (We are sure Snakey is onto better horizons as he was outgrowing his tank at our place.) We packed three bags (they now want to charge 31 quid for each extra bag!!) and cleaned the house before heading out the door. However, not before unblocking an untimely drain overflow.

Flights were packed but uneventful, we arrived safely but one suitcase was delayed two days, and my DS was ill all night due to travel exhaustion which of late has been his tradition.  

God never seems to amaze me at how much can be accomplished and yes sometimes it is costly.


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