Finally…I can point and Shoot Again!

As some of you may know my P&S suddenly died on me after only 15 months of use.  After a few quotes we realized it would be more cost affective to throw it away and purchase a new one.  This will probably mean I won’t be investing in my new high end camera this year but after the wonderful week of D-SLR Photography in focus (first post) I felt a little more educated about what I wanted this time. 

I bought a Canon Powershot a480.  This time I looked for a pocket camera that had AA batteries as opposed to a Lithium battery which is a pain to recharge if you are abroad.  It has 10 mgpxl and 3.6 Opt. Zoom. No image stabilization but a sensitive ISO range to compensate. Good macro features that will allow me to shoot as close as 1cm from object and will allow some manual selection of settings.  It has a faster shutter speed and less shutter lag than my previous camera. I am happy.  So I am learning that all cameras are not created equal even if the cost is the same.  I am looking forward to seeing what this camera is capable of.

Here’s a few shots from our day at the farm.


I took this photo whilst moving on a tractor and in zoom! Quit impressive quality don’t you think.


I usually have to spend time editing but this photo was only cropped and the exposure and color looks great.


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