What would you take to a Pot-Luck?

If time permitted I would take a main and if a little less time or food in the house, I would prepare a nice salad. It doesn't even enter into my mind to bring a dessert and with good reason. I'm just not that good at it!
My Mum didn't bake and so it doesn't come naturally for me to bake. I am sure I could master it if I took the time but life is just too short right now. I would love to be one of those women from a long line of bakers that can throw together the good ole' British Victoria Sandwich without a recipe, but sadly, I am not.
Recently my husband was approached and asked if we could bring dessert to a Pot-Luck and he dutifully responded with, "generally she likes to prepare a salad or something like that", "oh don't worry tell her to just bring a dessert" came the reply. JUST dessert I thought. Oh No!
I took the challenge and decided I'd give it a try rather than admit defeat. I made my cake batter for 7 inch pans only to discover my pans were 8.5 inches. Horrors! Then I forced them into my 15 x 15 inch oven and forced the door shut. Needless to say they cooked on a slant and when they came out looked a little tipsy. (well allot tipsy to be honest) But hey! I am a scrapbooker and we waste nothing. So if you make a mess you cover it up with something pretty. Here it is. Move over Delia Smith. It was so beautiful they chose it to wish some one happy birthday and they didn't seem to mind that it was somewhat imbalanced.
Your turn. Have you had any food blunders?


Sian said…
I'm not much of a dessert girl myself - I just don't have a sweet tooth. Your cake does look excellent.

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