Good Read

Not much to report today so it's a good day for a book report. I was feeling unwell today so DH kindly took DS to work with him. I spent most the day mourning about the things I could be doing if feeling better but I did force myself to relax. (I have a problem, I know!)
Through the year I spend so much time reading text books and reference books that I like to relax a little in the summer. My summer reading tends to be fiction based on real events. (don't get carried away Lorraine!)
My summer read is a book by Annie Murray entitled, "Family of Women". This is the first of Annie Murray's books that I have read and I chose it because she is known for her depiction of historic Birmingham. I grew up not far from Birmingham and left when I was 19 never yet to return. My immediate family have all left the area and my extended family, if not passed on, are getting on in years. I have suddenly realized that my heritage may soon be left behind.
This book is about the lives and experiences of three generations of women and covers 1927 - 1960. Although I didn't live in that period my extended family did and it helps me understand what life was like for them. Even growing up I remember some of the types of housing that she describes and the traditional British customs she mentions. It's been a good read and keeps me coming back for more.


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