Come on and Celebrate!

Yesterday we had the privilege of joining the congregation at Abbey Road Baptist Church to celebrate their first official service since finishing their renovations. Despite it's location, (made famous by the Beetles) Abbey Road Baptist Church has a remarkable presence all of it's own. Nestled between buildings on the high street it boasts two beautiful towers and an entrance that shouts, "All welcome!". However, the real life of the Church was to be found inside. In a two hour worship service we celebrated what God had done as He lead the Pastor and a small group of believers through an incredible 5 year journey to restore the building. The history of the Church dates back to 1863 when the Church was started by Rev. Stott. Like a lot of Church Buildings of it's time it had become tired from use and badly in need of repair. It has long been the desire of the congregation that Abbey Road will once again be a place where they can be a light to the community and an open door to all who may enter.

After the service we continued our celebrations with food and fellowship. Not hidden in the bowels of the Church, however, but spilling out on the front of the Church as an invite to the community, "Come one and all!"


jim said…
Looks Great Lorraine

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