Learning Something New

My 'learning something new' goal for this summer was developing my blog skills. As a result this blog was born. I've been a bystander for many years but the teacher in me wants to throw herself out there and tell everyone about the great adventures I'm having and motivate others to get involved. Shimelle's, online tutorial, "Blogging for Scrapbookers," was just the vehicle I needed to get going on my own journey with the Cyber World.

This weekend she did a Cyber Crop (scrappers lingo for project challenges posted online) see here:- http://www.shimelle.com/paper/777/welcome-to-a-weekend-of-scrapbooking/

I haven't had a chance to respond to any of the challenges yet but keep watching this space!

However, I have loved looking at the photos she posts and learning from all her tips. One lovely gleaning today was discovering Picnik an online photo editing site. Fantastic. I went on today to look around and you can do some great editing for free. It does all the edits I've always wanted but could never afford, like photo tinting and word art, just to name two. Check it out. http://www.picnik.com/app#/home/welcome


Sian said…
Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog today. Visiting other blogging scrapbookers is definitely a great way to meet lots of new people. I'll be keeping an eye out for you :)

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