Today is the Day!

Today is the day I start a blog that I intend to keep going. Yes, I am a frustrated blogger. Why? because my life seems so segmented that I feel schizophrenic when it comes to blogging. What do I write about, who is my audience, and should I go public or private?

Until I could answer these questions it all bewildered me and I was completely panicked. I have finally figured out that most people blog for themselves. A web log is simply a way to record ones journey for posterity. Now I have answered the question about who I am blogging for the content will be easy.

I am an avid journalist and photographer, not professional(let the reader understand), just for myself. For years I have been journaling and snapping pictures. I have even managed to put some of the pics and journals together in the form of a Scrapbook. However, I lose a lot because the whole process is time consuming and not very portable.

So, today is the day I follow the first prompt of my "Blogging for Scrapbookers" online course, (and if I can figure out how to put a link I will)

Prompt one:- create a blog post with your intentions.

Day one completed.


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