Counting my Blessings

A tradition I like to keep with DS when we have an extended holiday is to make a list of things we would like to do. One activity on my list this summer was to get my teeth into a juicy Scrapbook project. Inspired by Shimelle's free project, "This Year" (a mini-book about cherished experiences right now), I decided to do a mini book about the blessings we had experienced as a family over the past few years.
I used a baby board book and sanded the edges to remove any dirt. I matted and covered with a pad of co-ordinated papers that were two sided. I covered the picture side of the book with one side of the paper and used the contrasting back side on the opposite side to journal. I inked the edges of the board book and papers. I then placed all photos and wrote comments on 3 x 5 card stock which went on facing page. I stamped, in light ink with large letter stamps, single words love, joy, peace etc., on the journal cards so that they were barely legible. I then took a paint brush and used white gesso to stipple any colour of the board book that could not be covered by coloured paper such as the center of the book. I continued to stipple around the photos to soften the edges and bring uniformity. Then I embellished with vellum quotes, number stickers and flowers.


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