The Struggle is Real

Journaling is so therapeutic for me. Some how the quiet creative process is as good as talking it out with someone. It gets that stuff out of my head that would ordinordinarily sit there and percolate.
I have hidden journaling under the coffee cup. I call this one the struggle is real because that is where I am at right now. I am at the end of four years of a second BA and I have one more year to go. I have been carrying a full work load and a family re-entry to the U.S. Whew! I am so burned out and demotivated.
It is reminding me that God is my strength and I pray for his Grace daily. One day at a time.


alexa said…
My goodness, that does sound a heavy load on your plate :(. Sending good wishes for the ability to navigate it all gracefully ... I like your page, with that coffee cup logo!
Tammy said…
What a clever idea to hide your journaling. I love journaling, too. It's an everyday occurrence for me. It helps to process all the things bouncing around inside my head and it's wonderful to look back on things we did or things my boys said when they were younger.
Lorraine said…
Thank you Alexa. Yes I saw that coffee cup and knew I needed a photo!
Lorraine said…
Tammy, hidden journalling is a trick I picked up from junk journalling and it really gives me freedom.

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