Making a List , Checking it Twice

It seems like September is the month for lists. Christmas card lists, gift lists, menu plan, social diary, etc.,  I think once the lists are made then it is easier to plan, budget, and proceed.

- Cards take time to make and write, not to mention if you are mailing overseas.

- Now is the time to get decent bargains so knowing what kinds of gifts to get and the sizes you need would be helpful if out shopping.

- There are lots of ingredients you could stock up on now if you have the space and it would cut the cost in December. If you keep a list of ingredients you could get things on sale that won’t perish and then cross them off your list.

- How many times have you been caught out at Christmastime because you were not in charge of your schedule. Make sure you are up to date on your calendar so that important things don’t slip away. Especially make sure all the mundane things like health checks and hair appointments don’t get left till last minute as you could be disappointed.

Now you know what areas you need to think about begin by making your lists for each one. A list is like a launch pad!


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