The Big Weigh In

014Well it’s been at least two months since I reported on, ‘The Big Weigh In’, and that was intentional as I was off to the USA for the summer. Our time away also included a one week cruise to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary and I was not going to worry about weight on such an extravagant occasion. 

So it’s time to get serious once again. Only now, the 10lbs of excess weight is more like 15lbs!  (that’s ok, I still don’t regret having a good time)

Lets recap:- I was going to run and I bought the book ‘Yoga Burns’. I didn’t give either a serious try but was not highly motivated to do so. I walk 25 minutes a day and run after little ones at work all day (about 7 miles on the pedometer) and so have no enthusiasm to go out again in the evening. In fact it is all I can do to walk the dog. 

As a result I have decided to give Zumba a try. I love to dance and so this should help the motivation level. I have bought DVD’s as I know joining a class will be short lived because of the time involved.  I have it on the testimony of several people that Zumba does a great job in slimming and toning, not to mention the energy consumption.  I will get back to you on that one. I am also trading in my walking shoes to ride my bike. I will now do the journey both ways instead of walking in and riding home on the bus.  As you can see I have put a great deal of thought into this.  It has to fit into my life to work!

The next consideration is diet. I am not a good dieter. I hate the sacrifice and I don’t have the time and room for complicated programs. However, diet I must.  I made a decision this week to give the DUKAN diet a try.  I have seen a couple of friends use it and loose loads of weight and look stunning.  It seems to be a very easy plan to follow and you are not counting calories for the rest of your life. So I ordered the book from Amazon and I will get back to you with more next week.  Here we go….more next week (or should that be less,… of me next week) 


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