Hello Again

So, why the long breaks, lack of communication and icy relationship? No, I haven’t found another pastime. I’ve been on a whirlwind trip to the east coast of USA.  I will unroll the trip blow by blow as we had an amazing time. So, do pardon me for my absence AND I’m back.  

I had quite a week this week and I am relieved that it is over. We flew back last Friday and I went back to school on Monday still jet lagged and sick to boot. I finally stopped on Wednesday and took a trip to the GP.

My son also went through the works this week. On top of his dreadful re-entry he also had two pre-molars pulled. He was very brave but it was difficult to watch. Those toothy pegs had roots that were at least 5/8ths of an inch!

Till tomorrow. Goodnight and sleep tight.


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