Project Life Update

I am struggling through the process of learning how to build a PL album.   Someone said that they go through their digital photos at the end of each month and send an order for printing. I am not convinced this method works for me because I end up with lots of dead space in the little pockets of my pages.

I think I am going for more of a blogging style approach. That is, write up the event and line up photos to go with it in a designated folder on my computer. This way I can have much more control over building my page and I can order pictures when I have sufficient to print. Will let you know if this works!

I discovered some nice templates when reading a blog by Scrapchick.  They are 3x4 and 4x3 templates for PS Elements that you can type in and print up. You can also load digi artwork to them to personalize. I also purchased some fun picture templates that I look forward to using. Still learning the art of using PSE though.



Abi said…
I love the look of project life. I think the blog posting idea would work well! Csn't wait to see the finished pages!

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