Experiences of a Project Life Newbie

So to stay true to my strategy of Scrapping the now and then (present and oldies) I ordered 30 prints covering about a four month period and decided, in my modesty, that I had probably bitten off enough and would leave it at that. (As I have a drawer full of unscrapped memories I didn’t want this to be another train wreck)  A few days later my 30 glosses arrived by post and they were fab (well done Photobox!). 

Trying to get over those perfectionist tendencies, I decided I had some time to kill while cooking supper and wacked the pictures into a few of the plastic sleeves. That went easy enough and so I thought I would match a few of the journaling cards in the sleeves and pull them out later to journal. Wow, I am impressed. All 30 photos were organized and Scrapped in no time at all and now I can work on the journaling.

TIP to remember – When ordering photos and grouping events keep a page template in mind so that I am not struggling with the configuration. (How many pics, landscape or portrait) 



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