In Need of Rest and New Momentum for the Summer Term

The end of this term has seen a lot of projects finished. I was running two afterschool clubs a week for Easter and that pretty much dominated my Sunday afternoons with preparations. It was my first year to pilot having two clubs a week to meet the demand but sadly I won’t be able to do that again as it nearly finished me!

My husband and I also participated in a seven week marriage course at our Church and it was well worth while. Even after twenty years of marriage it was good to be reminded about things. It was like falling in love all over again.

I was also involved in some training that took me away from school and added extra hours to my week. It was called ‘Professionals working with parents” and was very much based around how to conduct yourself in a client – practitioner type relationship. It was very helpful.

All of these very valuable programs made it a very heavy six weeks and now I am ready for rest and new momentum for the Summer term.



Jane said…
sounds like you've been very busy, enjoy your reat x

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