Conspiracy Theory?

By Thursday of this week I was ill with a head cold that seemed to have morphed, each day,  in every imaginable way.  I was called by the nurse two days earlier with the news that the anti-biotic they had prescribed would not work and I needed another round. The bacterial infection I thought I had rid myself of came back with a vengeance.  Two hours into the day and three goes round the playground with “going on a bear hunt”,  and my stomach started to cramp.  “It’s no good I need to go home and find my hot water bottle.”

So I am standing by the bus stop in the drizzling rain, feeling chilled to the bone, when a bus drives by with the current campaign slogan, “drought” written on the side. It has to be a conspiracy theory. It has rained almost non stop since the before Easter and it is supposed to rain for the rest of the month. Don’t get me wrong, I know we need rain but this is miserable! I managed to do almost everything on my Easter Bucket List except bathe my feet in sunshine and go on a picnic with friends. I miss Florida!

Drought poster


Cheri said…
Hope you are feeling better by now. I thought you were going to say that bus splashed water all over you...

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