Time For A Little TLC!


I can tell that there is a great temptation, as a teacher, to feel that the Christmas preparations and celebrations are finished with the last day of term.  Tired and a little deflated I somehow need to reboot and re-energize.

Family preparations have definitely taken a back seat. I have served parents in my Parent Support Role, I have served teachers in my H L T A Role, I have served children in my Learning Support role and now before serving my family I need some TLC! 

So, in the few minutes that I have on this early afternoon I am settling down with

  • my favorite flavored coffee (Christmas Pudding)
  •  a mistletoe scented Yankee Candle
  • my dog Lilly
  • and a new book that the postey left, “The Christmas Mystery”, by Jostein Gaarder  

And here’s to all educators out there, take a moment and breath!


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