Are You Ready For Christmas?

“Are you ready for Christmas?” is a polite conversation starter this time of year, much like, “what about this weather?”. I am invariably comforted when I hear an incredulous “no!” because it makes me realize I am not alone.

The idealist in me would love to have all the gifts wrapped, homemade cards written and sent, meals planned, groceries done, cookies baked, house decorated and me enjoying the Christmas merriments with my family. However, life crowds this ideal out.

So, as I brave the burgeoning Malls looking for those last minute buys and scrape together some sort of menu to order my grocery delivery, I have made the decision to keep it simple this year. Decorations will be minimal and the house will be clean, Delia Smith and Nigela Lawson can claim all the fame for a homemade Christmas feast in 2011 and I hope and pray my friends will forgive me for not sending them a card again this Christmas and know that I love them anyway.

My decision is to spend as much time with my beautiful son, hubby and Lilly this Christmas. Creating a space to worship and rejoice God our Saviour. So, am I ready for Christmas? You betya! 



ab.grace said…
I love Nigella! :) I just finished just about all of my wrapping and grocery shopping tomorrow, funny it's so late in December and I am just now getting organized. I have decided to go easier this Christmas too, I may just buy my pies; something that I never do! Merry Christmas again Lorraine and enjoy your Family!
Lorraine said…
Glad to know I am not the only one! Merry Christmas to you and yours
Sue said…
Thanks for dropping by my blog :) I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.
I am almost ready to go back to work - i DO miss those cheeky teens. :)
Our Ofsted was fab ( outstanding ) Although I was visiting my ill sister on the last day and missed them.
Take Care and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Abi said…
Thank you for stopping by my blog. Hope you enjoyed your christmas book. Hope you had a nice holiday. xxx

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