The Weeks Activities

Took one look at the weather at the beginning of the week and felt a little daunted about the weeks activities. We had five days of camping in Wales ahead of us. The Idealist in me would love to be a camper but in reality I am not. Fortunately we were able to get a small caravan and didn’t have to sleep in a tent.

We were spending the time away as part of a team so it was, best foot forward and try to suck it up, as graciously as I could.  Well, God was good to me. The weather vastly improved as the week went on. Food was good and plentiful, the teaching was refreshing, company was great and we had lots of fun.

I go through this every year. I always dread it and then have the time of my life. I go back to work tomorrow and haven’t had much rest but the experiences make it worth the sacrifice.  I saw my son climbing rocks, get out of bed as the cock crows to meet his friends, take part in a stage production, jump 20ft off a bridge into the rapids, and generally have a blast. Hubby and  I got to connect with God, old friends, and nature AND Lilly got to hang out with us for the week.


Depressing Weather


Much Improved


Great Fellowship


DS Climbing


Kidwelly castle


All the comforts of Home


Home again, Home again…


Heather said…
glad the weather improved for you - you can never rely on the British weather!! Great photos too xx

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