Feed Your Family For Under 50


I am a fan of online shopping. For several reasons but mostly because I hate grocery shopping!  I find sitting at my computer to select what I want far less taxing and if you are savvy about it it can actually be cost effective.

However  one of the disadvantages of home shopping is that it can be uninspiring when it comes to meal planning. In the past I have recommended ‘The Resourceful Cook’ and I have also used cookery books to plan my week ahead. However, I am delighted to tell you about Sainsbury's New online Meal Plan. Their slogan is ‘Feed Your Family for Under 50’. They have one set of meal plans for the week and it is for a family of four. It includes a simple plan for breakfast lunch and dinner and then with a click of a button produces the shopping list for you to purchase.

I have not found a way to cut and substitute meals but rather had to do that manually when it came to ordering the food. However, the meals are so basic and simple it was not hard to do. So I am giving it a whirl this week and  it cut down the legwork (or computer work!). Well done Sainsbury.


Sian said…
This sounds like such a good idea. I do get tired of coming up with dinner ideas - maybe it's time to let someone else come up with a plan!

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