Long Sleeves and Maxi Dresses No Thanks!

I went clothes shopping this afternoon and instead of buying something lovely I came back thinking how shockingly overweight I looked. I know my clothes size has gone up one size in the last ten years and after trying, unsuccessfully, to lose weight I decided this was the new mature me and I was going to make the best of it. Well, after seeing my arms and legs in a 3 way mirror lately I decided NO there has to be another way. I do not want to live out my prime in long sleeves and maxi dresses (even if they are in fashion).


After a bit of research I picked up some pointers.

1. There is no way of getting around healthy eating. It is a must.

  • I don’t have the energy to plan ahead and keep a journal so I think the best for me is if it is not healthy don’t put it in my mouth.
  • secondly, positive thinking works best for me so if I concentrate on what I should eat and not on what I shouldn’t I can succeed. I find it fairly simple to concentrate on 5 fruits and veg, 8 cups h2o, dairy and protein. So this is the way to go for me.

2. I have been walking 20 minutes a day for the last 6 months and although I have felt the health benefits I have not seen any weight loss. SO, it is time to turn it up a notch.

  • Several articles have said that the best way to lose weight on your legs is running. At 49 it might not be advisable to start but I am going to do a little more research and that might be the way to go.
  • For arms it is weight training and again a little more research will get me started. 

I’m posting this for accountability sake. I am sorry if this is a little more personal detail than you intended to get!  However, maybe you have something to share that helps you? Or maybe some one out there would like to join me in a challenge or a buddy post? I am sure we could come up with something exciting to get us to shed those inches for what is left of the summer?! Any takers?


Lisa said…
GO YOU!!! Sounds like you are on the right track! I think you look fabulous, but can totally relate to your post. I've been fighting like heck to lose 10lbs. It's slow, but it's coming off! We CAN do it! We have the tools, we just need to use them. Can't wait to hear how your running goes. :)
Tracy said…
Good luck on your journey and especially with the running!
scrappysue said…
I had to smile at your post today Lorraine, here I am sitting in my LONG dress, LOL! I never go out in short trousers any more (and its 42 degrees C out now). I can totally sympathise, although I do think you look great in the photo! Once the workmen are out of my apartment I am going to start. I have a book called "yoga burns fat" by Jan Maddern. It seems 30 minutes a day will drop a dress size in 7 weeks, woo hoo! So I'm up for the challenge (except that I might struggle when we are on the cruise; actually that's even more reason to exercise!). Best of luck!
Sandra said…
Good luck with the running, I have full faith in you that by the end of the year you'll be laughing at this post, thinking ...... Nailed that :)
Lorraine said…
sue, I am going to look for that book!
Lorraine said…
Thank you all for your encouragements. You are the wind in my sail!

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