49 Things With You Before I am 50

BFS prompt 6

This is quite a big year for me. I will celebrate both my 20th wedding anniversary and my 50th birthday.  I have various things in store for me and hubby, which doubtlessly you will hear about later, but I wanted a special way to celebrate with Dear Son.

DS will turn 13 next year and will officially be a teenager.  I am gradually seeing the boy grow in to a young man.  The childhood years are slowly slipping away and there is so much we haven’t done yet! What happened?  There will shortly come a time that he will not want to craft with Mum anymore, if that time isn’t already here.


SO, I decided to make a bucket list, ‘49 Things To Do With You Before I Am 50.’  A year long project of things we have yet to do. I dedicated a blog to the project which holds the list and photos of the activities as we do them. I intend to present DS with a blog book at the end of the year.


Amy said…
I absolutely LOVE this idea Lorraine, I need to devise something like this with my kids, they are considerably younger but I can see them sprouting before my eyes!
Kate said…
The picture you posted really caught my attention. This blog post shows a photo of my hubby & son (12 years old) working on their Warhammer (40K) armies. http://digitaldesignsbykate.com/blog/?p=523

And this is a picture of some of my models :)

My younger son has an army, too.

I love what you're doing with this list! My kids are 12 and 10 - it would be a good idea to come up with a list like this ourselves before they're too old to want to spend time with Mom anymore.
Cheri said…
I will also be celebrating 5-0 this year. But it's far too soon to accomplish any list, so I'm sticking to my one big resolution - fit and fab by 50! Good luck on your list of 49 things!
Ruth said…
This is a great idea! And your DS is a lovely looking young man.
Sandra said…
What a great idea, looking forward to seeing you complete your list ... but for now, I'm glad your son is still enjoying his crafting time with mum :) Plus, you know what they say about 50 being the new 40! ... and after all, life beings at 40 LOL
Lisa said…
Just realized, I'll be celebrating 20 years when I turn 50 as well. :) Congrats on celebrating such awesome milestones in a fabulously unique way. :) So awesome that your son crafts with you.
SammyD said…
What a great idea I love bucket lists and congrats on celebrating 20 years :)

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