To say, I have a penchant for containers, might be putting it kindly.  I love containers. I even find myself having container envy when I see a really nice one. An old Bible box, sweetie tin, or cosmetic container might be useful for something?  And I know if I throw it away I’ll regret it.  Maybe it is my need for organization and as a crafter you can always find a use for something, can’t you?

My husbands ‘must have’ is shoe laces. He can never bring himself to throw away shoe laces. Do we have a phobia that we may someday be without these necessary items? Did we suffer some sort of childhood trauma or is it a comfort to us like a blankie?

Whatever the case, I watched a recent CSI about a hoarder and saw some minute resemblances! Uhrrr!  So, as my craft room was spilling out of it’s door into the hallway I decided it was time to reclaim some space.  I went through the closet and pulled out all the ‘really useful’ containers that I had squirald away for the last couple of years and I have donated them to my class to be made into beautiful creations.  Once again my creative space is the calm and peaceful place it should be.



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