First Digi Layout!

Over at Write.Click.Scrapbook they had a five day beginner digi week. Now I own a copy of Photoshop Elements 7 I was able to download there free templates and created this


It was hard work and I did pretty well up until the save to web option came up and I lost some of the journalling in translation. Ah well, there is room for improvement. It says, '’Saturday 8th January 2011 – last year before my teens!’. I have ordered a book to guide me through the next steps so watch this space.


Yan Hong Lowson said…
Hi Lorraine,
I saw your question on WCS. This is what I do.
File>Save As (name 0f project.psd) with a copy in the Elements Organizer.
Layer>Flatten Layer (click yes to "discard unused layers?")
File>Save As (name of project.jpg)This saves it as a high-res jpg so you can print it out later if you want to. I have a folder called Hi-Res JPGs.
File>Save for Web>jpg medium 60% (In yet another folder called WEB, I name them WEBnameofproject.jpg so that I know it's not sharp enough for printing, just to be viewed on computer monitors, example, for your blog).
Hope this helps. I have found it's a steep learning curve, but after some months, realized that I survived! And now it's fun! Good luck.
Lorraine said…
Wonderful. You can see my results above. Thank you for your comment I will be able to refer back to it next time.!!

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