Me in February 2011

Inspired by Ali Edwards I thought this might be a good way to keep a journey of my life through the year. Here goes:-

Reading I am reading the book, “Help yourself” by Dave Pelzer. I read the Trilogy of books he wrote about his abusive childhood and so I was interested in what he had to say next.

Sitting I have finally found a morning space to start the day with prayer and Bible reading before I run out the door. Schedules changed in our house since DS now leaves at 7:30 and we no longer have time to enjoy breakfast and Bible reading together in the A.M. Now we have that time together in the evening when it is less rushed and I have time to start the day with the Lord by myself. Still trying to organize myself the night before so that nothing is in the way.


Listening I am attending a four day course about facilitating a ten week course for parents. It is a course given by an organization called Family Links and the course is based on nurturing our children and uses the book, “The Parenting Puzzle – How to Get the Best out of Family Life” by Candida Hunt. Wow! I know a lot of the stuff but it is great to be reminded and I am praying for the opportunity to facilitate the course.

Checking Out For years I have put off learning how to do Digital Scrapbooking but now I am spending so much time recording our photos on the web I have finally decided to jump in. SO, I am checking out Adobe Photo Shop Elements. Watch this space!

Experiencing I love crafting but for a long time it has taken a back bench. I have recently recognized how important it is to my whole family. The home touches tell them they are important and they gain a sense of belonging from it. I need the creative outlet and I enjoy investing myself into beautifying our home. SO, I decided that I would add creative touches for each seasonal holiday that comes along. (The big ones anyway) This will keep the creativity moving.


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