Slippery Slope


I read a great article that could have been written for me! Slippery Slopes. #2 – 4 is me. (has she been to my bedroom?)  Because I am tired of the over-flow on my ‘flat surface’ next to my lap top and  grown out of my yellow “I’ll get to it soon container” onto the “trip over it to get to my side of the bed pile”   and, because the laundry basket I have now commandeered  as a catch all prevents me from getting into my closet, I need this new lesson, “Organizational Slippery Slopes and how to Climb out of them”.

I have gotten this way because I have a, “get to it later”, mentality. I lay things down without processing them and then I end up handling them 3-4 times as I am feverishly trying to find another important document that was ‘here somewhere!’ So, Process straight away or at least by the end of the day. If I can’t do this I should at least schedule the task on my well loved Blackberry.

I have gotten this way because I have things that don’t have a proper space.  If they had a proper place they would be in it! So either create a space or get rid of it! But put it where it should go.

I have gotten this way because of trivial pursuits and hopefully lesson 2 has taken care of that.

New Habits #3

Deal with it straight away or schedule it.

Put it in the right place

Action Plan

De-clutter those areas daily until they are clear and work on new habits #3

I thankfully don’t have to worry about any other areas like this in the rest of the house because they get tidied up to my bedroom.



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