#4 Trimming Away


Read a great piece of advice today but I am sorry the location escapes me. Quote, “figure out what you do best and get rid of the rest”  That’s what I am going for!

I have been doing a lot of reading about streamlining today. There are SO many sites about de cluttering ones life that I have to be sure not to get bogged down.  I could lose my mind trying to find it (my mind that is!) So, I am keeping it simple for the moment and then I’ll move on.

Yes, I am still de cluttering my bedroom/workspace. The green basket by my closet has gone and I can now get to my clothes. I am celebrating! The floor, for the better part, is clear and now I am working on the yellow “to do” bucket next to my desk.  This is the place were I put stuff that is too much for my desk. : (  This one will take time and perseverance.

Action Plan.

The experts advise scheduling time for this task everyday. For the next days, weeks, months if necessary I will do 20 minutes a day of de-cluttering. I am not ready for anything else yet.


And I will continue to work on those daily habits. Process, schedule, and put away after use. 

My goal is a calm clutter free environment that inspires creativity and spiritual growth.


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