Lesson # 2. JUST SAY NO and accept moral support!


In my quest for TRIM I am continuing to say no to things that I want but don’t necessarily need or have time for.  I am pressing on with this trend so that it will soon be a habit.  JUST SAY NO, a great slogan I think. 

Today we had our first family shopping day this holiday and visited Richmond after morning service.  I browsed through the magazines because I am a fiend for new information and I just don’t have enough! To my delight they had a new crochet magazine with full kit included.  Wow! I’ve wanted to polish my crocheting skills for a while so this was a thrill. Uhm! but do I have the time for this right now? (My usual habit would be to buy it and reserve it for later.) It will either be clutter or a distraction. This is definitely a trivial pursuit. Then a voice came in my ear, “what is your new word this year?” My darling husband was lending moral support! So, I was victorious and left the magazine in the store.  Yeh! A trimmer me.





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