What I love About October

It has been a looong time since I last posted. Why, you may ask! Since the middle of the Summer I have endeavored to get my teaching license, a long-time goal, and I have hit brick wall after brick wall. It has consumed me so much I have lost all passion for life! Truly, it has been exasperating.

So, I have finally come to a point that I need to back away a little and see what God is going to say. Hence this creative interlude.


This picture was from Oct 5th 2012. It was much colder this time last year. I am not complaining mind. Every season in Virginia is magnificent. No wonder they say Virginia is for lovers. There is a certain romance to be found in all four of the seasons.

What I love about October:- Red, yellow and gold. Pumpkins, cinnamon, Hot Chocolate, soup and hearty eats. Cold noses, warm toes, scarves, sweaters, blankies and cuddles,


Abi said…
Hoping and praying that things improve for you.
I love the layout you've created, and glad to hear you are stepping back a bit and using your creative outlet to catch your breath. The answer will come... Wishing the best for you!
alexa said…
This is such an atmospheric page, as is your list - I love the word 'cinnamon' to start with! the tumble of leaves is just lovely. So sorry to read of the difficulties you are encountering :(. Hoping that a way forward begins to materialize very soon for you. Warmest regards, and thinking of you ...
Lorraine said…
Thank you for your prayers and kind thoughts. And, thank you for remembering me!

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