The Big Weigh In

Jim is at goal weight and experiencing what it is like to stay there and I see goal appearing on the horizon.  The question in my mind is what should my goal be?  10lbsA healthy weight for my height and age has a 2 stone (28lb.) variable!  In my mind I am 1lb. away from goal but Slimming World have put my goal a few pounds lighter. In any case a few more weeks should do it.

I have also noticed that my weight is shifting around. I lost 2lbs. this week but the difference in inches around my hips is amazing. I can only deduce that the weight is pre-proportioning itself around my body. Probably not very scientific but it makes sense to me. 

I feel quite rich now that I have a wardrobe full of barely worn clothes that I am able to use.  It was quite depressing to only have a few outfits that fit and a feeling that nothing ever looked decent.

Jim and I feel quite pleased with ourselves these days. We admire each other from across the room and make comments about how good we look.  No one else seems to have noticed. Either they are not saying much or they are not as shallow as we are and honestly don’t see a difference!Smile


jim y said…
I see the difference and I say Hubba Hubba! to quote my grandfathers! As I see my weight dropping off I say to myself, 'How old was I when I weighed 183? 178? 172? I wrestled at 143 when I was 14. When I look at your new tushe it takes me back to 1980!

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