The Big Weigh In

The big news this week is that I reached a 1 stone weight loss (14lbs to my USA 10lbsreaders). Slimming World have determined that another 7lbs loss would be a healthy weight loss but I haven’t decided if I want to go that small yet.

I only lost 1/2 lb. this week but it doesn’t trouble me as I celebrated an early Thanksgiving with my church yesterday and ate a sumptuous feast. Yes, one of the reasons I started weight loss when I did is so that I don’t have to miss out on the celebrations for my favorite time of year!

I am aware, now that I have lost weight, that it is time for some toning exercise. I get plenty of cardio type exercise but now I need to tone and build. This will be my next adventure!  Hope you have a healthy week. Smile


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