My Word for 2011


Some people make New Years Resolutions.  I am not in the habit of doing that myself but I do like to take stock, blow off the cobwebs, and generally have direction for the New Year.

I stumbled across a little trend within the scrapping/blogging world called, “One Little Word” Here's the Class. This is where they take one word for the year and basically process it into their lives by, emotionalizing, spiritualizing, and creatively expressing it until they fully experience the practical aspects.

My word for this year is going to be, TRIM.   Not especially intriguing or inspirational but it talks to me.  Whilst having my prayer time one morning I wrote down the words, “what can I cut” . I  prayed about it and carried that card with me throughout the day.  I found myself saying no to things that I might usually say yes to!  Hmmm! Maybe we are on to something here.  You see I wrote those words because I realize my life is full of trivial pursuits that keep me from pursuing things of value.

Whilst having dinner with a friend we got on to the topic of habits.  She admitted to being OCD about her pursuits and I found myself admitting to the opposite, that I actually organized my life by preparing for adventures that I never took! Like, the pursuit of every craft tool because someday I might actually have time to sit down and craft!  That’s quite sad. 

So, you see, this word kind of found me.  I could use CUT but it is slightly less appealing and who knows where it could lead me.  So, TRIM is the word for 2011.  AND, may I say, it can be used with an array of meanings so lets see where I am lead. There is a tantalizing class one little word  but it would be an oxymoron if I signed up for it. Sorry Ali!.

Goodbye 2010 and Hello to a trim 2011.


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