7:47 a.m. Sunrise!


This was the impressive scene I was greeted with on the 16th December. One cozy British nostalgia I have from childhood is going to school in the dark.  Our days are so short at the moment that DS goes to school in the dark and comes home in the dark. 

With only the children’s Christmas party to go, I am a day and a half away from finishing school.  Then I can turn my thoughts entirely toward home.

Last week saw the final presentation of “Whoops ‘A’ Daisy Angel the Early Years production.  With four performances everyone exhaled with relief on that last day.  It was the end of grueling practice, endless costume making and loads of encouragement.  Each child was a star and rose to the occasion and parents gasped with proud adulation.  I announced to my teacher, “if you think you are getting any work out of me next week you are sadly mistaken, it’s party time!”


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