Happy 80th Birthday to my dear Dad today.  After a year of chemo he has bounced back. Thank you Lord.

Took four months off from blogging only to find out that Windows Live Writer no longer is supported and won't upload!  That's pretty disappointing as it used to make me look good.

I am taking a breather from studying Algebra. (trying to pass a school assessment for registration to a teacher licensing course).  I am having a hard time wondering why simple math has to be expressed in complicated terms. Hubby says it's to learn formulas that get very complicated later on. I guess I'll buy that. 

I am celebrating moving back into my own space. 

We fought letting my 15 year old have his x-box in his room at the sacrifice of my space and sanity. We finally gave in and I have my craft space back. I am thrilled. 

And in honor of that space I finally finished a LO from two years ago.

 Love this photo of my little sister!
Ah well, back to Algebra.


Tammy said…
Happy Birthday to your Dad!!

I'm learning Algebra with my 15 yr. old...
Oh gosh, that is great news about your dad! Happy birthday to him. And your creative space looks like so much fun! Glad you have it all to yourself! ;o)
alexa said…
Such lovely news! And I do hope he enjoyed his birthday ... And great to see your craft space - hope it makes the algebra easier to bear!

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