Embarking On Project Life 2014

It’s 2:30 on a Sunday afternoon. The  Morning was filled with worship at Chilhowie Baptist Church and various family members going in varied directions. Grammy has to stay home with 24/7 company at the moment so we all take shifts on Church days.
I was happy to arrive home and smell breakfast being lovingly prepared upstairs. Sausage gravy and biscuits with eggs, and pan fried potatoes. Yum! I always enjoy family meals with Grammy and Pa as they are filled with friendly chatter most of the time.
Now I am sitting at my desk blogging and putting together Project Life Pages for the first time in about 4 months. I can’t even tell you why it has been so long except I am glad to have this time right now.

Despite the fact that in the next few months I am about to embark on a huge undertaking, I know that capturing moments on film and then journaling and organizing memories is both therapeutic and important to me. So I have been thinking through what I can possibly commit to. When I look back at 2013 Project Life It took such a huge commitment every Sunday afternoon. I am not willing to give that kind of time this year. However, the captured memories are a must, so how can I do that this year and not have such a burden on my time.

I am going to create monthly double page spreads instead of weekly. If there is a special event I will do more pages and add in. I will make the pages more journal friendly and try to sum up the month with major themes.

I have already made 12 monthly double spread templates and invested in a new digital Project Life pack for the year. Hopefully one kit will prevent hours of searching for just the right embellishments. So here we go again Project Life 14. Always learning. Always tweaking!


Abi said…
Beautiful pages. I like your idea of making the templates already. I agree it is a big undertaking but the memories you record make it all worthwhile!
alexa said…
Your pages are already lovely ... And monthly sounds more doable than weekly. Glad you are finding ways of ensuring you capture this year with all its changes.

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