So Grateful For This Moment–Digi LO


Kit by Mommyish ‘Hipster Holiday’ made on Photoshop.

Christmas trees have always had a special place in my heart and this year was extra special because we were able select one from a tree farm and have them cut it for us. Rows and rows of fat, thin, long, short, spiky, and fury trees waiting to be chosen. The smell was amazing and there was not a bad one amongst them. It had too be just the right size for our little country cabin-style apartment, just above my husbands head and not too wide.

Here it is in our little humble abode. I love it.  We are still waiting for my handmade ornaments to arrive from the UK but it still looks glorious in center place.

Evergreen is apparently a symbol of eternal life. I can relate to that. When I was a child I remember being in a pretty reflective mood and staring up at the tree. It kept my attention for a long time and I remember thinking there was something very special about this time of year and that I didn’t know the complete story yet. It felt like that tree was a promise of something that only the passage of time would reveal. Years later I understand the true meaning of Christmas. Christ the King, born in a humble stable to bring light, hope and eternal life to all who believe. Christ the Savior, hung on a tree to satisfy the punishment that should have been for me. Christ the Lord, now preparing a heavenly home and someday returning for me.

Yes, these gifts were waiting for me.  If that tree could speak it would have told me so. So you see, when I choose my tree and decorate her I think of the gift that she spoke of years ago. I breath in her perfume and reflect on the ‘Eternal Life’ that is reminded of therein.  



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