December Daily 9–A little Behind

Well I am a little behind on Dec Daily 2012. I expect most of you who do this for a hobby are probably in the same boat. What with mouths to feed, clothes to wash, and for some ‘a work a day world’,  sometimes a moment to create just gets crowded out.

When I am lagging and feel like I don’t have anymore to give it is then that I reflect, create and am restored.

But that’s why we do this right. To hold on to the spirit of the season. To remind ourselves why we labor. Why we do a little extra and make preparations to celebrate Christmas.  Its all about the heart NOT the work.


Today I got to do some baking. Nothing over the top as I don’t have the courage yet!


A day of Worship and an afternoon of feasting and fellowship. Today we enjoyed the Church Christmas party. The room was filled with joyful people enjoying one another's fellowship and great food.


This was one of five tables filled with food.

What about everyone else? How is it going?


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