Tales of a City Girl at the Country Craft Fair

My day started with a local Church craft fair and ended with a Garage Sale (Boot Sale to my British counterparts). It’s the first craft related outing that I have had since leaving London so you can imagine my excitement. It was everything you can imagine a Church craft fair to be. Local ladies, young and old alike, were selling their beautiful handmade crafts. Lots of lovely quilts, soaps and jewelry. I was most impressed by a table of wooden plaques which were hand painted with nostalgic and inspirational quotes. It was hard to choose but finally I decided on this one.


I also picked up these treasures


Two great hard backed books for my Christmas collection (one that I will use to develop a 12 days of Christmas blog theme – stay tuned) an 8”doily which I am looking forward to turning into something wonderful. There’s lots of lovely pinterest boards on doily crafts such as  Diane Hover. As a way of encouragement, I bought this great little corked back tile that had been decorated and mod-podged, for a small price of $1.50. AND finally, my great Garage Sale find, this wonderful wood display shelf complete with a little towel bar on the bottom for decorative linens. A very inspirational day!

Next Saturday is the Marion Christmas Bizarre at the town Farmers Market. I smell the Wassail and mince pies already!


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