The Exit and Arrival

Last days, lots of friends, want to see them all.

Shipment gone, loads left, better book three extra suitcases.

Pack, visit, clean, will it ever be done!

Bed at 1am, up at 4, here we go.

Like refugees, what won’t fit, we leave. Evidence of our lives everywhere. So sorry and thankful towards those that come behind. Wish it could be different. God’s grace will be sufficient where my endeavors where not.

Walk Lilly at 4:30AM this is the last she will get for another 12 hours. I hope she’ll be ok.

Our ride arrives, shove a malt down the boy. Poor tired son. Still, he got an extra 3 hours that we missed.

We arrive at the cargo drop ten minutes early only to wait 60 minutes because the night shift are clocking off and the morning shift haven’t had their coffee yet. Annoyed!!

Ride patiently waits. God is so good.

Arrive at United and check through without a problem. Just in time for a Costa and a much needed nothingness. Tired, so tired.

Long winding security but somehow quite lite today. Arrive in time to board and the assistant makes a call. Lilly is safely on board. Happy now, I find my seat. 8 hours of movies and snoozes interrupted by food we finally arrive in Washington.

  • get luggage
  • rent car
  • find cargo and pick up Lilly
  • drive 4 hours to Roanoke

9:30PM USA time we meet Jim’s family and get driven the last 90 minutes.

A 20 hour day and I am so relieved to arrive.


Lilly is so suspicious that she lives in the luggage for several days.


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