Happy 1st of the Week

Hey Friends,
It's 5pm on Sunday afternoon and I have a few hours of work ahead of me before I can relax. Yes, I am getting ready for a busy week. I always said that I would never use Sundays to do school work but I think it is part of the job. Unless we could get a three day weekend!
Before I can launch into my week I have to take time to plan otherwise all that junk just bounces around in my head and I become inefficient. So, coffee in hand, I head to the back deck and breath in the calm sights and sounds of summer as I empty my head of all the clutter. My list for the week has 19 to do's! And that is just at home!! Do you know why we have to get that out of our heads and down on paper?
First, because we can organize and make a game plan by prioritizing and scheduling. My list is always a prayer that God will help me to accomplish great things for His glory.
Second, to alleviate anxiety. I cant stand to feel overloaded and when I have it on paper I feel much more in control. Happy 1st of the week and may you accomplish all you set out to do this week.

Bo and Lilly enjoying a stroll


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