How I Kick Into Gear on a Sleepy Sunday Afternoon.

It's Sunday afternoon and I have taken it a little easier due to it being Easter and, technically, Spring Break Weekend. We lost Spring Break Week because of snow days so I can't complain.

I am at the end of a semester and I have a final task I have to accomplish over the next four days. Truth be told it is small but significant. Two to three pages of writing and research. I am not underestimating it as I often find research to be a little daunting. So I am going to make a plan and get it done.
Timeline:- Submit by Monday evening.
Step 1 Make coffee, Easter lunch is demanding a little too much of my energy.
Step 2 Make sure I have the correct tools and I am comfortable. Pencils sharpened, slippers and cardigan. CLEAR SOME SPACE!!
Step 3 Read the task and understand what it is asking me.
Step 4 Break it down into timely goals. How much do I want to get done by the end of today?
Step 5 Jump in. Take small breaks. Get as much done as possible, more if you can!

Mine is a three part task on the Industrial revolution. I will try to get the first part done by this evening.
Planning and implementing is a very important strategy for me. This motivates me and that is the key for me. Once I get started on a project it flows.
Is there something that you need to accomplish on this wonderfully sleepy Sunday afternoon?


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