I Can Still Blog Right?

Hello friends,
Are you still out there in Blogland? It has been a long time. When I started my new role as Instructional Aide for 40+ hours a week and registered for online classes for licensure I knew my online presence was going to be severely limited. Who are you kidding? It has been non existent. I would like to say it has been because I have been pouring over the books but basically life has bombarded me for most of the year.
However, all work and no play make me a dull girl. So I decided it was time to get back in the saddle. Digi Scrapping, or Scrapping of any kind will probably have to be on the back burner but I can still blog right?
When Autumn moved in I started to get all nostalgic. I love the colors and the warm cozies that it brings. I added a few Autumn colored Dalias and a few squash to the mantle in a rustic display and filled a jar with Candy Corn. My son ate a handful of Candy Corn and declared that he was now ready for Christmas. I loved that moment.
I have realized that small touches are important for all of us. SO, today I downloaded a downsized Christmas planner from Organized Christmas (anymore than the basic five planner sheets and I get that nervous feeling in my tummy). Yes I have determined that friends and loved ones will at least hear from me this year even if it is not a home made card.
I have also gone a step further and downloaded Traci Reeds 2015 Life Planner. It is a planner with Project Life in mind. At least if I am going to keep filling my computer with photos I would like a keep a journal of the memories for those days when I might actually get to put them in an album.
Well that’s it from me. Plain and simple. I think I have forgotten how to blog. Thank you for being on this journey with me. Here’s a couple of photos for you.


alexa said…
Those trees are beautiful - what a great photo ... Hoping life gets a little less busy and we see you again soon!

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